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  • Francesca Scandale

Welly Merck Style

I was never a watch wearer; they used to drive me crazy. But within the last year I decided that I wanted to try and wear one, and see what happens. I found one that was stylish, but not too expensive. If I wasn’t going to wear it, I didn’t want to spend too much money on it. I ended up wearing it everyday until it broke, which was a couple months later. Then I found another cheap one that has lasted me longer. I now can’t go a day without wearing a watch. If I don’t have one on, I look at my wrist anyways expecting to see the time.

I was super excited when Welly Merck contacted me to become a brand ambassador. Now that I know I will wear a watch, I can start getting nicer watches that I can wear for casual outfits and evening looks. I scrolled through their website and I fell in love with their designs.

Fighter Lisbon, 26mm

Welly Merck’s watches are made with Sapphire Crystal Glass that are scratch resistant. They moved the crown, the little knob on the side to set the time, to the 4 o’clock position for a more comfortable setting. Which means less digging into the wrist. Plus, their straps are interchangeable. Making it easier to mix and match for different occasions.

I decided that I wanted to get 2 different types of watches, a casual look, and a dressier look. I am a fan of the smaller face, but both of the watches I chose come with the larger face as well.

My casual look is the Fighter Lisbon 26mm. I am a full-fledged pink lover, and couldn’t resist this watch. I believe that it will match with pretty much any outfit I wear. This is a genuine Italian leather strap, which can be interchanged with any of the straps they offer.

Fighter New York, 26mm

My dressier look is the Fighter New York 26mm. This is a rose gold mesh strap that I believe gives off a fancier vibe. I love, love, love rose gold, and I just can’t get enough of it. I will mix rose gold with both silver and gold, which is why this watch will go with so many different types of outfits.

If you liked what you read and saw on my post today, make sure to go to and check out their selection. They have men’s watches as well. Plus you can receive an extra 15% off if you use my code ‘WFrancesca15’