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  • Francesca Scandale

New Year New Me?

New Year New Me, I have always hated that saying. Why must we change when a new year arrives? I always feel like it’s a setup to failure. If you don’t change who you are, your year was not productive. That’s why this year I’m going with New Year New Goals. Having something to work on instead of change.

Before I get into my Goals, I am going to tell you a bit about this past year for me. I started Sophisticated Sequins, which has been a rollercoaster. It can definitely mess with your self-confidence and make you feel like you’re unworthy. But I am pushing past it because I kinda love it. If I can inspire just one person with my posts then it’s all worth it. I also started a new job. This was really scary for me. I was very comfortable where I was at and very confident in what I was doing. Starting fresh somewhere new was a huge step for me. But I know it was the right decision for my future and myself. I reconnected with some old friends and started to feel a bit more comfortable with who I am. I did 2 races, The Heart Breaker Challenge and The Colour Run, and supported a friend in her new business.

Now for the future, my goals for the year are a mix of self love and work related.

- Worry Less – this is a pretty simple one but can make more of an impact then you know

- Try New Things – I feel like I have been stuck in a bit of a rut so getting out there and doing new things will help for sure

- Make 1 New Friend – I am still searching for that 1 good friend so I am hoping this year is the year for it

- Make Myself Happy First – Putting myself first is definitely a biggy

- Get Health + Body Back in Shape – working on my fitness and food intake and get back to feeling better

- Focus on Myself and Less on Dating – I always felt that I needed a man to be happy so this year I am focusing on not worrying about not having a man

- Get 1000 followers on Instagram – I know this may seem like a small number to some, but it would be a big accomplishment for me

- Try and Get New Content Out More – this will help me to get those followers

- Post on My Blog More – I want to get 1 blog post out at least once a month

- Organize My Life a Bit Better – just clean up a bit more and plan ahead

- Travel Somewhere – I have not been on vacation in a while so I would love to go somewhere this year

- Kick Ass at Work – pretty self explanatory

- Save More Money – try and not buy too much this year

- Gain More Confidence – I just want to feel better about my life and where I’m at

So there you have it, my Goals for 2019. I hope you enjoyed them and follow along on my journey to fulfill them. Plus, if anyone needs help fulfilling their own goals I am always here to offer a helping hand.